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La Pavoni Espresso Machine

The vintage La Pavoni espresso Machine is a great way to enjoy italian coffee with easy on line use, the Machine is built following the high-quality principles of classic italian design and engineering. With its sleek lines and easy to use buttons, the La Pavoni is fast, efficient and reliable, with its unique design, the La Pavoni is a must-have for any coffee lover's collection.

Pavoni Espresso

La Pavoni europiccola lever espresso Machine is a vintage works pre millennial coffee machine, it is a medium-sized Machine that makes various types of espresso. It is made of metal and plastic and has a simple design, it is a shame that the Machine is no longer made or dirty. However, the Machine is still a good one, the La Pavoni europiccola italian lever espresso Machine is a fantastic addition to your espresso machine. This Machine is pre-millennium and will make your coffee look and feel more like the real thing, this La Pavoni 16-cup espresso Machine is used to make coffee or tea. It is a professional Machine that is made to look like a classic Pavoni horse, this Machine is sure to provide satisfaction with its great features. The La Pavoni epc-8 europiccola 8 cup lever style espresso Machine is a rare vintage Machine that is still going strong, it is a great Machine for everyday coffee and espresso use. It is on the small side of the scale, but still makes great coffee and is easy to operate.